Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic Restorations

When you need a dental crown over one of your front teeth, ceramic restoration is the solution. If you’re worried about medical intervention that can stand in the way of a beautiful smile, find out that this is a great alternative.

You find here the details on your benefits if you choose dental restorations offered by Dr. Smile.

Dental ceramics looks and feels like natural tooth enamel, and if you take care of your teeth, restoration will last a long time, for years.

When aesthetics is the main concern, dental ceramics offers a number of advantages compared to other materials used in restoration, metal, gold, silver or other metal alloys.

Ceramic Restoration Types

Ceramic restorations performed in Dr. Smile dental clinic using CEREC technology are following:

  • – Inlay and Onlay (ceramic fillings)
  • – Total/Partial crowns
  • – Crowns on implants
  • – Bridges (dental constructions)
  • – Bridges on implant
  • – Facets

Ceramic Restoration Benefits

Some of the most important ceramic restoration benefits are:

  • – The material is biocompatible and aesthetic
  • – Resistant to usual force
  • – Ceramics is less sensitive to heat and cold
  • – There is no gray line on white ceramic

Even if the ceramic is usually the best choice for front teeth, the patients with high sensitivity to metal can confidently opt for a ceramic restoration on the back teeth.

When do I Need a Ceramic Restoration?

You need a ceramic restoration when:

  • – You want to recover a decayed tooth and there is no space for a filling
  • – It is necessary to strengthen a weak and worn tooth
  • – You want to replace a missing tooth
  • – You want an improvement in your tooth appearance