Ceramic Crown

Ceramic Crown

A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic object, once it was set and cemented only a dentist can remove it. The main role of a dental crown is to cover a damaged tooth, to strengthen it, to improve the overall appearance and alignment in the mouth.

For the the dental crown manufacture the dentist firstly takes the mark of your teeth. Before taking the mark, he must reduce the tooth size such that the crown fits perfectly, he can apply a temporary crown until the permanent one is completely fabricated.

A dental crown may be needed in the following situations:

  • – To reconstitute a fractured tooth
  • – To cover an implant
  • – To cover a speckled tooth or a tooth with abnormality position
  • – To protect a sensitive tooth from decay, from breaking

What is a Dental Crown Made of Ceramic?

A dental crown made of ceramic is the crown usually used for the front teeth restoration, and it is popular in this area for her ability to simulate the tooth color.

Ceramic Crown Benefits

Placing a ceramic crown bring certain benefits, including aesthetics. Crowns are specifically tailored to your tooth color, because ceramics gives a natural look it is difficult to see that your tooth has suffered a medical intervention, in addition, ceramics is special because provides a perfect fit and is biocompatible, which means it is well tolerated by the tooth supporting tissue and not causes gums irritation. The metal absence, a ceramic crowns characteristic, prevents gray coloration of the gums.