Dental Crown on Implant

Dental Crown on Implant

What Is a Dental Crown on Implant?

Specialists consider that the dental implant is the best and lasting solution for replacing a missing tooth, and the patients are very satisfied regarding the restoration results. Crown is attached to the implant as the last phase of the work. The dentist takes footprint of an already implanted tooth to fabricate the crown.

What Is a Ceramic Dental Crown on Implant?

The ceramic dental crown attached to implant is made of porcelain and it offers a natural look because can imitate your tooth enamel. It is resistant to temperature variation and common pressure, does not become stained. Ceramic crown an be attached to both the front and the back implants because it is biocompatible.

These crowns are recommended for its aesthetic, but also for the other properties, especially longevity, durability, precise fit over the implant.