Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of fixed restoration executed in case of tooth loss. We can say that dental bridge is so named because it resembles a bridge supported by the neighbors of missing teeth. When we talk about choosing the dental bridge, a several factors are involved. It matters which tooth is missing and the condition of its neighbors, it also matters the appearance and bridge prices .

Dental bridges can reduce the risk of gum disease and involves a very rigorous oral hygiene.
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dental bridge

What Is a Ceramic Dental Bridge?

It’s called ceramic dental bridge a bridge made of porcelain. Ceramic bridges are strong and durable, with a wide range of shades. These bridges have excellent aesthetic properties. Ceramic bridges can be used on metal support, titanium, zirconium or be totally ceramic, ie without support.

A ceramic dental bridge mimics the natural teeth appearance in terms of color, shape, size and alignment. It fits easily in the mouth, restoring functions of lost teeth without influence taste perception and heat. Because of its special properties, the risk of a gum infection is minimal.

Benefits of Ceramic Dental Bridge

  • – It mimics the natural teeth look , it is translucent.
  • – The material is durable and biocompatible, that means it does not cause irritation or infection of the gums.
  • – Properly executed, ceramic bridge offers comfort, patients quickly adapts to it.