What Is a Dental Bridge Made of?

What Is a Dental Bridge Made of?

A dental bridge can be made of various materials. At the first visit the dentist will tell you more about the options you have in choosing the best bridge for you, for the health and the beauty of your smile.

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Ceramic Dental Bridge

The patients choose ceramic bridge for its properties, it offers a natural look to your artificial teeth. Some of these properties are: does not stain, resists to temperature differences, it is biocompatible and provides comfort, the patients adapts quickly to the bridges.

Ceramic Dental Bridge Supported by Metal

This bridge has a metal base to provide strength and stability. This type of bridge is coated with porcelain chosen according to the color of the patient’s teeth. These are part of the category of resistant, aesthetic and durable bridges, however, after several years this ceramic coating may begin to erode.

Ceramic Dental Bridge Supported by Zirconium

The bridge supported by Zirconium has a ceramic layer applied, providing transparency and aesthetics which is ideal for the front and visible mouth. This bridge is strong and the situations to fracture are extremely rare.

Metal Dental Bridge

This category includes bridges made of:
– gold
– silver
– alloys
Metal restorations are very strong and durable. They are recommended for molars, because of the color these are avoided for front teeth. Metal bridge can’t offer a natural look to artificial teeth.