Dental Filling Cost

Dental Filling Cost

The cost of fillings primarily depends on the material used for fillings. Each cabinet or dental clinic has its own costs, you can find them calling the clinic, visiting the webpage or going directly to cabinet where you can get all the information that can clarify what type of filling you could choose.

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Knowing which materials are used for filling from What Are Dental Fillings Made of?  article, costs are the following:

The cost of  gold filling, it is the highest price compared with other fillings, because of its composition, the material is resistant to pressure and ranks the top costs.

The cost of ceramic filling, is the next one after the price of gold filling, but not far from it because the material resists temperature, does not stain and has the natural appearance of the tooth.

The cost of silver fillings, it is lower than the prices of fillings mentioned above, the material is resistant to wear, but it is not aesthetic, this material is commonly used for the back teeth.

The cost of a composite resin filling. Although it can simulate the natural tooth appearance, this material is not suitable for large fillings because is not as strong as other materials.