Dental Bridge on Implant

Dental Bridge on Implant

What Is a Dental Bridge on Implant?

This type of bridge represent a bridge which is supported by an implant, not by natural teeth.

The most patients prefer bridges on implants because they don’t need to be removed for cleaning. The bridges are definitively attached to implants by cementing or screwing.

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What Is a Ceramic Bridge on Implant?

A ceramic bridge on implant is the same ceramic bridge about we talked in Dental Bridge article, but this time is supported by implants, not by natural teeth.

Ceramic Bridge Properties

  • – Made of porcelain, it is a resistant and biocompatible material.
  • – Properly executed, ceramic bridge offers comfort, the patients quickly adapt to her.
  • – It mimics the natural tooth appearance, it is translucide.
  • – It fits easily in the mouth, establishes the functions of lost teeth without affecting taste perception and heat.
  • – It involves a rigorous hygiene.