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Ask me about CEREC by Sirona.


CEREC is a CAD / CAM System used in modern dentistry and is composed of:

Acquisition unit (CEREC AC)

Intraoral camera (CEREC OMNICAM)

Milling unit (CEREC MCXL)

CEREC – is a technology that involves making ceramic restorations directly to the cabinet, while the patient is sitting on the dental chair.
CEREC procedure was developed at the University of Zurich and it has been implemented successfully in dental offices since 1985, from then over 8 million patients have been treated with this system. With a history of more than 25 years and millions of restorations solved CEREC is by far the gold standard in the CAD / CAM prosthetics cabinets.
CEREC make dental works not using metal, there are total crowns for the front and the lateral teeth, partial crowns, crowns on implants, dental bridges, veneers, inlay/onlay, in a single visit with micronic precision.

The Benefits of This System:

Does not require long waiting periods
A crown is milled in just 10 minutes
Biocompatible material without metal
Special aesthetics (natural aesthetics)
No uncomfortable imprints which cause vomits
Minimally invasive – minimally invasive preparations
Micron precision
Long lifetime (5 years warranty on all work performed prosthetic)

Treatment Procedure
CEREC means:

Optical Imprint

In the first stage the dentist will prepare the tooth and then will capture images with the intraoral camera.


3D design of prosthetic restorations using the CEREC software.


Using milling unit the prosthetic restoration will be ready in a few minutes for individualization and glazing.


During this procedure the restoration will be individualized using pigments and introduced into the ceramic oven for 10-15 minutes.

The resulting tooth is indistinguishable from adjacent teeth, it has the same strength as the natural ones.

CEREC Advantages

Without inconvenience in taking dental imprint!

Say goodbye to uncomfortable biting material for making impressions for several minutes. Avoid jaw pain and vomiting that may occur during conventional imprint. The dentist now has a camera that can optically imprint all teeth in seconds.

Micron precision

Analiza şi proiectarea 3D a lucrărilor protetice cu ajutorul softului Cerec elimină erorile, iar restaurarea se adaptează perfect atât din punct de vedere funcţional cât şi estetic.

Without Repeating Visits

Using System CEREC we will make the full range of prosthetics in record time, it is the ideal solution for those who want a single visit dentistry.

Long-term Stability

More than a simple theory, with CEREC you can count on quality that has been proven millions of times in practice. Moreover, Dr. Smile Clinic offers a 5 year warranty for any type of prosthetic treatment made with the CEREC System.